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Welcome 2019!

New boots for Christmas!! Can't wait to see where they are going to take me in 2019. First of the month/end of the year tabulations show my Instagram account has grown by 95% (that is not a typo! 95%!)!! I dislike working with numbers as a rule, but boy HOWDY! What a great treat to… Continue reading Welcome 2019!

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Becoming #Hashkickers: how to use hashtags like a boss

My friend, Tex, suggested hashkickers while helping me come up with a title for the presentation I gave last Saturday at Marine Creek Creative Writing Conference. I think she said it in jest, as we are in Texas and you know what we're known for kicking, but the more I thought about it the more… Continue reading Becoming #Hashkickers: how to use hashtags like a boss

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Are you keeping up with the changes? Life & Social Media

We've all heard some version of the old adage, "If you're not changing, you're dying." Since you last read a blog post from me, I've done a lot of changing. July and August was spent working on a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for my book Why's That Dog in Here? (it wasn't successfully funded,… Continue reading Are you keeping up with the changes? Life & Social Media

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Observations after two-week media fast…

I warn you now that this may be more rambling than I usually engage in. My two-week media fast was not in search of spiritual clarity or any esoteric goal, but was due to headaches and migraines which blur my vision and exacerbate my light sensitivity. I stayed off the computer for the most part, and… Continue reading Observations after two-week media fast…


Incoming!! –Facebook Grenade–

I witnessed the savage attack and consequent death of yet another online friendship this week. It was heartbreaking. It started innocently enough. A Facebook friend posted a meme on a controversial subject. No additional comments, just the meme. Then a friend of hers posted a very general, polite and respectful comment, suggesting a possible cause… Continue reading Incoming!! –Facebook Grenade–