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Bouchercon2019 Dallas Convention Highlights

I'm tying up the loose ends as social media manager for Bouchercon2019. There were over 1700 attendees. There were multiple panels, interviews, and activities happening simultaneously for almost four days at the Hyatt Regency Dallas. It was a wonderful job that allowed me to go in and out of all the sessions and events, but… Continue reading Bouchercon2019 Dallas Convention Highlights

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Branding Collaboration at The Captain’s House on the Lake

It's time for another behind the scenes and some tips you can use. I've worked in some form of marketing, advertising, research, coaching, teaching, consulting position for over thirty years (and yes, I'm proud of my silver strands--I've earned every one). In all those variations of my career, the one thing that is constant and… Continue reading Branding Collaboration at The Captain’s House on the Lake

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Do You Know Your Worth?

It doesn't matter how long I've been doing something, there is always more to learn or better ways to implement that knowledge. I used to tell my kids to learn from my mistakes, as there are plenty of opportunities to make their own without repeating mine. With that in mind, here's my latest opportunity for… Continue reading Do You Know Your Worth?

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Don’t put all your social media eggs in one basket!

Writers and entrepreneurs: Most of you know that in addition to writing, I also teach social media marketing strategy. This is what you must understand... On March 13, 2019, Facebook and Instagram (also owned by FB), were down most of the day. Sales, launches, online classes, and anything else hosted on those sites were crushed.… Continue reading Don’t put all your social media eggs in one basket!

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Welcome to the Twitterverse–Learn how to Tweet on Auto

I've gotten a number of questions about Twitter and scheduling posts recently. I'm hoping this will be useful for those new to Twitter, and those wanting up up their tweeting game. If you are already asking what the Twitterverse is, and what are people saying with all the shorthand and acronyms and abbreviations, then check… Continue reading Welcome to the Twitterverse–Learn how to Tweet on Auto

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Do you still send postcards?

I treasured postcards as a child! Partly because I wished I was traveling, too, and I wanted to see and know everything. Partly because I collected stamps and loved when friends used unique local or commemorative stamps rather than the generic ones. And, partly because it meant with all the fun and exciting things they… Continue reading Do you still send postcards?

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Who’s Your IDEAL Audience?

Today's #TuesdayTutorial applies to everyone who markets a product or service, but since I've been seeing this situation repeatedly in the #writingcommunity recently, I'm going to use it as my example. Make sure you know who your ideal client is, who your audience is, and that you are adequately sharing your service or product with… Continue reading Who’s Your IDEAL Audience?

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How to Create Content Calendars in Asana

It's social media tutorial time, and today we're talking about how to create a Content Calendar in Asana. You can take an afternoon to set up and schedule your content for the month, or you can break it up and do each step in less than an hour. I'm finding I'm getting faster each month.… Continue reading How to Create Content Calendars in Asana

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Social Media, Rumors, Fake News…What are the facts?

We need to chat about social media today, specifically all the rumors, fake news, and crazy memes on Facebook. I LOVE social media and marketing, and any opportunity for teaching, so here we go... ...but, fair warning, I'm a bit out of patience, and I may have made a snarky reply to a meme on… Continue reading Social Media, Rumors, Fake News…What are the facts?

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Welcome 2019!

New boots for Christmas!! Can't wait to see where they are going to take me in 2019. First of the month/end of the year tabulations show my Instagram account has grown by 95% (that is not a typo! 95%!)!! I dislike working with numbers as a rule, but boy HOWDY! What a great treat to… Continue reading Welcome 2019!