The Human Pipeline

I met Rainer Bantau a few years ago through the Writers Guild of Texas, and got to know him better as we worked on projects as members of the WGT Board of Directors. I love his sense of humor, his heart for service, his desire to bring out the best in others, and his dedication … Continue reading The Human Pipeline


Shining the Light on #ModernSlavery

If you’ve followed my blog for awhile, you know that ending human-trafficking is a cause I am passionate about. Perhaps you wonder why this cause haunts me. Today seems like the right day to share what I have witnessed. My family moved to Kerrville, Texas in 1984. I was about to be a sophomore in … Continue reading Shining the Light on #ModernSlavery

From Modern Slavery to Chocolate Muffins

Have we talked about how much I love chocolate? I’ve been addicted as long as I can remember. And bread… well, that’s just a gateway drug for me. I am learning that if I can stay away from bread and crackers I have a much better chance of staying on my food plan. So you … Continue reading From Modern Slavery to Chocolate Muffins

Advocacy–Everyone can do Something

Recently a friend made a comment about all the advocacy tweets, posts, pictures, etc. on social media. She was annoyed and tired of it, and trying to figure out how to block it all. As I was chatting with her about the different forms advocacy took, she also wondered aloud what the purpose was of … Continue reading Advocacy–Everyone can do Something