Flash Fiction: “Darlene’s Words”

His comment stupefied me. I couldn't have been more stunned if he had said my sweet elderly Baptist MeMaw pole-danced on Friday nights. Surely this unkempt middle-aged man standing next to me was joking or maybe living in an altered mental state. You couldn't be too sure about anybody these days. Seven of us stood warming around this trash-can … Continue reading Flash Fiction: “Darlene’s Words”


Flash Fiction: “Crazy Date”

Dogs are barking, bird is squawking, and someone is pounding on my front door. I step out of the shower and throw on my robe. “Hurry up, lady!” the delivery man says as I unlock the door. “I have a schedule to keep and I need you to sign for this.” I sign and receive … Continue reading Flash Fiction: “Crazy Date”

Flash Fiction: “Sleeping Accessory”

Someone pounds on my door. My eyes focus on the digital clock as I kick off the covers—4:12 a.m. I run to the door in the flannel lounge pants and t-shirt I slept in, hoping the noise doesn't wake the crabby old man upstairs or the single mother of a newborn across the hall. “Hurry! We’ve got … Continue reading Flash Fiction: “Sleeping Accessory”