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Kathryn McClatchy, and her partner Gizmo, gave an extremely informative seminar to our staff on the laws and requirements for Service Dogs as they apply to our business. The information enabled our employees to recognize a true service dog and understand the many tasks service dogs perform. Kathryn took time learning about our industry and prepared relevant material. I would highly recommend Kathryn to train and educate your company regarding the role of service dogs in society.

Speaker Recommenation

Shelley Cooper

Compliance Officer

Links Construction, LLC

Kathryn was wonderful to work with. She was very flexible in working with our office’s schedule and it was greatly appreciated. The class she instructed on Speed Reading was very informative and useful. Kathryn thoughtfully and patiently explained to our employees the process and worked with each of us until we were able to grasp the concepts. The class has been invaluable for our employees and our company. I would recommend Kathryn and her class for anyone wishing to improve their team’s skills.

Dee Carpenter

Office Manager