Unleashing The Next Chapter

Welcome to my corner of the internet. Imagine you’re in a large, cozy, home library with an off-white, French Country desk in the corner, floor to ceiling bookshelves the same color covering three walls. One overstuffed chair by a large window that gets the morning sun and looks out toward the nature preserve, and a few more mismatched chairs around a small coffee table beckon for you to sit and stay awhile. Your favorite beverage and snack is already there waiting for you. A large collection of novels on one side of the room–predominately mysteries, historical fiction, and Victorian literature–is organized by author’s last name. On the other side of the room is nonfiction–an eclectic mix of everything, but an abundance of counseling, psychology, criminology, theology, gardening, medical, marketing, and writing resources. There’s a bookmark listing the Dewey Decimal System on the fabric covered bulletin board by the desk in case you forgot and can’t find the book you know is on one of the shelves. The Wi-Fi is always fast, the lighting is always gentle, and a treasured pet is usually napping close by. Come on in and make yourself at home. Holler if you need anything or want to visit…

My hope is that this website will be easy for you to enjoy and for me to organize. I have redone the menu options at the top of every page, so if you can’t find something that should be here, please let me know. It’s still a work in progress (just like my novels), but I guess all websites are to some degree.

  • I have two books, one nonfiction and one novel in production. Please go to the WRITER page for those details.
  • For upcoming speaking events, to schedule me to speak at your event, and for those interested in my writing coaching services, go to the SPEAKER page.
  • If you enjoy my blog posts on a variety of topics that I am passionate about, as well as glimpses into my world, you’ll find those under the BLOGGER heading.
  • Since so many ask about Gizmo, service dogs in general, and my fund-raising efforts for Gizmo’s successor, there is a separate page for all things SD…SERVICE DOGS.
  • And, should you want to contact me directly, I have created a CONTACT page with those details. Under that heading is also a page to subscribe to my monthly newsletter.

Kathryn McClatchy

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